A preview of what’s gonna come (:

  06/16/12 at 10:26pm

Why I haven’t been posting as much…

1. AUSTRALIA BABY<3 Yeah, trip was absolute fabbbby. I was gone for like, a week. Or so.

2. CTs. Noooooo *dies* So yes, I spend 12 hours a day studying like the typical Asian kid I am. 

3. I need to resize my hugeeee photos. Sadface

So yeah, here’s a few things I WILL POST ABOUT. Just gimme time.

1. A few about my birthday & presents (: 

2. Photog outing, and about Photog, maybe some about JAF.

3. Many many posts about Aussie. 

I PROMISE TO EDIT MY PHOTOS BY END OF THIS WEEK OKAYS? Anyway it’s not like anyone will read this Hurhurhur. 

  06/14/12 at 03:44pm

Chuck Comeau came to Singapore, met him (: Megalove. 

  05/29/12 at 08:13pm

Under so much stress freaking out rn. Bio test, Math test, GP Essay test and I don’t want to fail any of them. Photography’s not going good, need to plan for Farewell + make card + Redo proposal for Photobooth since Canon rejected our proposal cause apparently the viewership is too little FML. And not to mention school, wtf, but I guess it’s not surprising that this would occur. 

But whatever happens, I will not go back to the path of self destruction, no matter how tempting it is. 

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger;

Stand a little taller,

Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone. 

  04/20/12 at 08:55pm

Don’t Go Away Again, I Wanna Be More Than A Phone Call At 4 AM;

Wish I didn’t miss you this much x

School is hectic, week 6 - GP, Math, Bio test someone just kill me now NOW NOW. And I got the super bad news that Paget Brewster is leaving Criminal Minds GTFO I’m heartbroken. Shall post more CM shizz on my other Tumblr. 

Anyway. Yeah. Gotta cheer up :D :D:D Sianballs, haven’t talked to Clay in a long time cos he has his golf thingy >.> Sadface 

Ohohoh. Don’t really liek Glee anymore, WHERE IS THE STORY DAMNIT. BUT SUE IS SO HEARTBREAKING (And omfg is that a moth i hear) 

Oh and Matthew G. Gubler puts a new term to nerd omg how can someone be so sexy and nerdish.

And now I’m really scared cause I still hear the wings of the moth. Goodnight. 

  04/13/12 at 08:46pm

There’s noone in town we know,

You gave us someplace to go;

I never said thank you for that.

  03/25/12 at 12:38am

What if.

What if I lead the way?

What if I make mistakes?

What if I changed the world?

What if I take the blame?

…. Will you be there?

Life has gone back to becoming something pretty shitty, but I will walk on. I’m just pretty tired, because everyone expects me to please them. But what if I don’t want to? Sometimes I can almost sense what they’re thinking, but I don’t even need to glance to know that they dislike me. I try hard not to dislike them back but it’s slowly becoming a lost cause. Sometimes I just want to go up to their face and tell them what I really feel about them, but I’ll still see them in school for the next 2 years. It’ll just make things awkward. 

I just hate it when you’re so fake, and it’s so obvious. But who am I to judge? I’m probably plastic as well. 

And then every once in a while I wish I could have someone to lean on. For a minute.

But the world keeps turning on

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  03/25/12 at 12:24am

WONGFUPRODUCTIONS was simply amazinggggg. :D 

Arrived there and gobbled up some food while waiting to get in the queue and luckily I missed the interview w/ Channelnewsasia >.> 

THEN WE WENT IN OMFG YEAH AND I GOT PIERRE. Who is my Awkward Turtle. D’awwww :B

AND THEN IT STARTED AND IT WAS. AWESOME. no words can describe it.

Wes coined the term MERLION-ED HAHAHAHAHA. <3 him. And he was like “Everyone, don’t focus on taking pics or later you’ll be like… Did he say that? I don’t remember” and Phil was all “We’re all gonna be doing the same actions”

Then they played a few videos like Kung-Fooled and Shell :D And also a preview, and the 1,000,000 subscriber one hahaha which was cool, even though like everyone watched it before but it’s always fun watching with an audience 8D

Then it was Q&A. And Phil was so cute cos he misheard this girl asking “When you were in Malaysia” instead of “Will you do an animation” and everyone was like NOHHHH. hahaha. 

So after that it was the meet and greet and then when we were in the line, this cameraman asked us to shout WONGFU WE LOVE YOU (I think its cos we were like, the youngest-looking in the queue so it should be normal and they wanna portray like the crazy fangirl look) so we had to and then alot of newspeople took pictures of like, the presents we had on hand -.- 

ANYWAY WE FINALLY MEET PHIL AND WES even though it was so fleeting. :D Gave Phil and Wes the drawing (Phil thought that he was supposed to keep it and he was like DO I REALLY LOOK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME) haha and he was :D-ing at his Nanoblocks. And Wes too. <3 Told Wes not to take like, a year to do it and he promised he won’t :D Then we took a peekture. AND THEN I HUGGED WES. OMG HIS BODY STRUCTURE IS SO SOLID someone just kill. me. now. It was like, just nice HAHAHAHA then hugged Phil <3 Which was cuddly like a bear. Awh. YAY. 

Then we went to the toilet and came back to should BYE WONGFU. And then everyone laughed. But then Phil yelled BYE back <3 Awh heart melts. Okay. Haha. and that’s it :D Total awesomeness that cannot be contained in words. 

  03/16/12 at 11:33pm

Was at the Botanic Gardens, and it was quite fun during the practical part. Of course idk why so suay but then when we were dismissed it started RAINING. so we got soaked. sadface. But nvm the pics were quite good(:

  03/07/12 at 11:11pm

Some random stuff I took during our photog lesson(:

On a side note school has been really suffocating for me. Not in the aspect of lessons, but I guess more on the social circle side. Especially the ex-classmates who keep backstabbing and doing all that kind of stuff. 

When you join a group, it’s expected that you do your work right? So for the love of God if you don’t want to do your part, then tell me you don’t wanna join. It’s not like I’ll blame you since we haven’t started, but then now you come and backstab me with all this crap and ask me to put up with it? I’m not going to.

Quite thankful for my closer friends though (: And through Photog I’ve really gotten some (soon to be) close friends also so yeah. It doesn’t make things so bad when I’m alone during free periods(:

But then again I feel like sometimes even some of my classmates and friends (except for the super super close ones) are putting me in a box. Disposable is what I am right. Don’t really feel very upset about it because it’s been like 8+ weeks since school started and I’m alr quite used to it, haha. Just taking school one step at a time, and hoping that I won’t get lost on the way there(:

  03/06/12 at 11:41pm